sunday 13 september

at home – dvd, lovefilm


basically an alien-predator hybrid lands on earth, looking to spawn an army and kill everyone

well, this passed the time.  p and i both like the aliens and the predators so we enjoy seeing the aliens face-hugging people, drooling acid and punching holes with their second heads, and seeing the predators being just generally badass.

this one sadly had rather less of a premise than the previous installment, which, although it ultimately felt like a video game, it at least had a plot. this one just gives us the predalien and that’s it. the predalien heads for earth wanting to gobble all of us up and the predators arrive to stop it.

the predalien is pretty cool, though, and has lots of new tricks up it’s sleeve. it was also nice to see the predators and aliens on earth and in an urban setting, something which we only saw in predator 2 (and then only the predator, of course). seeing them running around in streets and indoors was pretty cool.


the predators

the aliens

the predalien


saturday 28 november 2009

at home – sky box office


dennis quaid investigates grisly murders connected with the four horsemen of the you guessed it

where does sky box office find these films…? there was this, that waz, anamorph and others. do they get released in cinemas in america? i don’t know… i really haven’t ever heard of any of them by the time i see them on the box office menu. anyway, they aren’t all bad, although many of them seem to be a bit lacking in some areas.

still, they’re mostly fun and so was this.

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step brothers


friday 27 november 2009

at home – sky movies


will ferrel and john c. reilly’s parents get married and they all have to move in together


imagine my surprise when p decided to watch this! there was no coaxing, no hinting, no anything from my part. she just said “shall we watch this?”. i said “are you sure, p?” and asked her again, just to make sure. but she was cool with it.

so we watched it and i laughed. i think p liked it too – not as much as me, of course, but i think she sort of likes will ferrell now! 😀

let me ask her what she thought. this is what she says: “i thought it was funn- not funny, silly. i thought it was silly. not funny ‘haha’, silly”. that sounds like a success to me!

and it really was. very silly! haha! i liked it.

i think the funniest thing for me was the whole bit with dale and brennan’s brother’s wife. haha! 😀


will ferrell

john c. reilly

the dad from six feet under

that woman from parenthood, mary steenbergen, apparently

some kind of wonderful


friday 27 november 2009

at home – sky movies


eric stoltz likes this rich girl but he doesn’t know that mary stuart masterson (who plays drums) is actually better for him!!


p and i saw this long ago and as we were just sitting around yesterday when it came on, so p put it on.

i remember finding all of it much more frustrating the first time round, but then i guess that’s what one is meant to feel – frustration and fear for eric stoltz hanging out with the rich people who one knows are just messing with him, and then the added frustration at knowing that mary stuart masterson was better for him and that she actually liked him but he couldn’t see it!!

it was nice to see eric stoltz and his blue eyes again – and to see him so young! and mary stuart masterson (it takes forever to write that name!) too. the rich girl didn’t look nearly as glamorous as i expect she must’ve back in the day and, in fact, she looked a but old-ladyish!

poor old elias koteas was good. i’d forgotten about his part in this and enjoyed watching  him again. i say “poor old” because p always comments that she thinks he’s trying to be robert de niro. i don’t know if i agree with this but it’s one of those comments that really sticks and so it’s now a lingering thought in my mind whenever i see him!

ah – and i got to hear that soundtrack sound effect that quintin’s brother derek always used to love imitating…


eric stoltz

mary st… masterson

marty mcfly’s girlfriend

elias koteas

paranormal activity

thursday 25 november 2009

at the movies – vue


paranormal activity


we had the week off and i’d been paid on the 21st so we could go to the movies again!  it was the return of nachos for p and popcorn for me! or so i thought… because the vue didn’t have any salt popcorn.


i’ll repeat that: no salt popcorn.

you ask me they should’ve just closed the place down. how can they open up the cinema without having salt popcorn!? it’s mystifying.

initially i decided i would have nothing, but then p convinced me that i really would rather have something, so i bought some doritos. not salt popcorn, but something at least.

so, in we went and within 20 minutes i was out for the count! the fool holding the camera insisted on jerking it back and forward all the time! i can handle normal hand-held filming but not when they insist on imitating how an amateur handles one, flinging it from one extremity to the other.

i had to look down and eventually turned my whole body from the screen as i listened to the film and watched the bits when the fool put the camera down adn the screen was still. luckily for me those were the moments when things actually happened!

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burn after reading

24 november 2009

at home – sky movies

brad the pitts and frances mcdormand try to blackmail john malkovich

i really wanted to watch this at the movies but it was another one of those which i, or we, just never got around to…

charlotte knew how much i wanted to see it so when it came on in an idle moment she thought we’d give it a go!

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angels and demons


sunday 15 november 2009

at home – sky box office


tom hanks gets called to the vatican to solve a mystery


we’d planned to go to the movies again as our sunday film has quickly become a tradition. even after the first one it already felt like a tradition! unfortunately we were both broke so we couldn’t go. but we wanted to have something of a sunday film experience so we decided to get something on sky box office.

charlotte’s sudden nachos addiction meant that i was sent out into the wild in search of the ingredients for her nachos treat – a quest from which i returned nearly an hour later. but charlotte’s little gleeful smile made it all worthwhile. she really loves these nachos!

so we went for angels and demons and it did exactly what you’d expect and passed the time. ewan mcgregor’s accent wasn’t noticably annoying, so that was a bonus and tom hanks was dependable as always. this time he had a new foreign brunette with whom to run around and solve puzzles and she was okay too.

the main assassin guy did a better job than paul bettany did in the last film. he was really quite efficient and a bit menacing too…!

hooray for sunday movies!



tom hanks

ewan mcgregor

an italian brunette